How I Spent My 2020 Quarantine

There’s no denying that 2020 was a weird time for all of us. On top of the 2020 quarantine, it felt like the Catching Fire…

There’s no denying that 2020 was a weird time for all of us. On top of the 2020 quarantine, it felt like the Catching Fire arena at times. Each month brought crazy new obstacles into our lives. Besides the obvious (and devastating obstacle for so many reasons), we were faced with murder hornets. We got to watch and participate in significant protests to support our communities’ Black and POC members. With the pandemic and important election bookending the year, there was so much to happen in-between while we observed stay-at-home orders.

There were many what I like to call cultural phenomenons to happen during 2020. And because of that, I treated the year like a bingo board. I had to complete things to say I conquered 2020 from the comfort of my own home.

To commemorate the year, I put together a bingo board of all the things I completed (and one that I wished I did) during my 2020 quarantine.

Baked Banana Bread

I made it my mission to perfect my banana bread recipe. And by my recipe, I mean I tried out some of the most popular banana bread recipes I could find on the internet. My favorites include:

Watched Tiger King

And much, much more. 2020 was the year of TV binging and so many of the streaming services delivered! When I think back on all I watched, it almost feels like a fever dream. And also something that couldn’t have possibly all happened in the same year. Some notable things I binged were:

  • Tiger King
  • Love Is Blind
  • High School Musical: The Musical The Series
  • Emily In Paris
  • Too Hot To Handle
  • Outer Banks

DIY Haircuts

This one feels like I’m cheating because I’ve been cutting my hair for some time now. Before 2020, my haircuts consisted of a blunt cut above the shoulders. However, armed with YouTube tutorials, I was able to spice things up in 2020.

Brittany's DIY Curtain Bangs

For one, I gave myself some curtain bangs. This happened right before the stay-at-home orders were announced, so I’m not sure these bangs count. However, I took things a step further and went full-on with an at-home shag haircut. In 2021 it would be later called the wolf cut, but I was using a technique from YouTube that had a lot more steps to achieve my signature cut for 2020.

Brittany's DIY Shag Haircut

Got A TikTok

Nothing helped me pass hours upon hours quite like the latest social platform. TikTok filled the Vine-shaped hole in my heart and provided endless hours of mindless scrolling. I didn’t want it to be like Vine, not appreciated until it was gone. And in 2020, it was almost shut down. But I laughed, I cried, and I learned things.

The Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

While I personally never ran out of toilet paper, it was a close call. I was sure that the US dollar would become obsolete, and we’d start using TP as currency moving forward. Luckily, I live alone and am a very wise shopper in general. I was able to secure some toilet paper when needed and didn’t have to resort to hoarding or be faced with any desperate situations. I didn’t jump on the bidet trend, but I feel like I missed out on something, so that might be a future endeavor for me.

Redecorated My House

After spending so much time in the house, it’s easy to start seeing things you want to change or update. In 2020 I decided to rearrange my living room, refinishing some old furniture and tackle some cosmetic upgrades I’d been putting off for so long. I replaced my bedroom ceiling fan and upgraded some light fixtures and switches all by myself. My style is constantly changing, and my home is slowly changing with it. As I type this, I have so many future projects on my to-do list, but I’m saving them for when I’m locked inside again.

Became a Plant Mom

Congratulations to me! I’m a plant mom. I had to embrace my millennial status and go nuts. I have adopted (and killed) too many plants to count at this point. It’s been a lot of fun learning about the different safe plants for my cats and turning my home into a jungle oasis. The vibes are enhanced by all the fake plants I had before testing out my green thumb. Luckily, I’m not planning on going away anytime soon because the person to plant sit will be confused about what will need watering and what’s fake.

Avoided the Quarantine 15

My weight has always been up and down, but 2020 started a downswing for me. And I attribute that weight loss to working out consistently. I’ve had a gym membership and tried a personal trainer, but that didn’t garner any fantastic results. With the gyms shuttered, I needed something else. I turned to home workouts via YouTube and BOD. Working out became something else I did to pass the time. The routine felt great in times of so much uncertainty. I felt better and stronger and had a better grasp of my diet.

Closet Clean Out

In addition to clearing out clothes that no longer fit due to my weight loss, there was so much junk in my closets that I didn’t even realize. I spent time meticulously going through my pantry, closets and drawers to clean out clothes, paperwork, food, etc. It felt so good to get rid of things. I spent a lot of time selling and donating items. It felt like a fresh start and new beginnings when I needed it the most. And made room for more clothes to be thrifted when things opened back up again.

Home Hair Dyeing

Like my home haircuts, I’ve been dyeing my hair for years. But for the longest time, I was doing fun and funky colors. Though a process and a challenge, it wasn’t the same as tackling more natural looks. Thanks again to YouTube, I tried my hand at some at-home balayage coloring, and it just worked out. I’m no stranger to hair dyeing mishaps, but in 2020, I perfected my technique and kept a consistent color the whole time. Not that anyone was there to see it.

Supported Local Businesses

I spent 2020 shopping local. I made it a habit to order local takeout at least once a week during 2020. It helped me discover new restaurants. There were so many hidden gems in my area that I might not have found if I hadn’t been desperately trying to spread the love and keep businesses open. Of all the new habits to come out of 2020, this is one I plan to keep up forever. I’ll be highlighting some great local spots soon, so stay tuned if you’re a foodie like me!

Adopted a Pet

I spent 2020 single and quarantined alone. Well, without other humans, I should say. While I didn’t adopt a new pet in 2020, I wouldn’t have survived by myself without the company of my 2 cats. If I had the space, I would’ve passed the time fostering kittens. While I don’t have plans to move anytime soon, one of the must-haves on my future home’s list is a space where I could foster cats.

After going through what we went through during this pandemic, it made me realize that there’s no time like the present to tackle those projects, take care of yourself and pick up a new hobby. The 2020 quarantine taught me a lot about myself and those around me. I’m grateful for these lessons and am looking forward to applying this new mindset to life for years to come.

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