It’s been a while since I’ve made a video. I just haven’t felt inspired. I think my lack of inspiration comes from the fact that I feel so limited by the persona I created. Which is insane to say because I am BratKnee and BratKnee is me.

I recently got contacted by to receive a free pair of glasses in exchange for a video. That made me sit down and decide if I had it in me to make a video. I figured the added pressure of fulfilling a promise would help to get the creative juices flowing.

I wasn’t wrong.

It’s not the most creative thing I’ve ever created but that’s okay. I think it was a win simply because I took the time to create something.

VidCon 2018 taught me that it’s not fun to make videos alone anymore. Luckily my mom was down to be part of this. Not like I gave her a choice, but it could’ve ended poorly.

I hope that this is the push I needed to start creating again. I miss making videos and I don’t have to because all I need to do is start making them again.

Here’s some more information about the glasses from in case you’re in need of a pair of your own. They’re super inexpensive and they arrived quickly. I like having a bunch of different pairs on hand to coordinate with different outfits. But buying from somewhere like Lenscrafters or your eye doctor can get so expensive. I love finding cost-effective ways to purchase the things I need.

The style I chose was #LKFS1001. They came in matte black, clear pink and clear blue. The pair retails for $19.99 and with the lens add-ons, my order came to around $30. They sent me the glasses for free, which was awesome even though I probably would’ve bought a pair at that price point regardless.

Feel free to leave me feedback about what you think the future of my channel should be. Or if you have questions about my experience with Firmoo and buying glasses online in general, drop me a comment!