BratKnee in front of blue wallHi!  I’m BratKnee, also known as Brittany but mostly known as BratKnee here on the Internet and this is my slice of the Internet.  Because I bought it.  Because I’m an adult with a seemingly disposable income and a background in HTML from Myspace University.

Now that that’s established, let me tell you a little bit more about myself that you might actually be interested in.  I’m basically a wannabe: a wannabe writer, wannabe fangirl and wannabe Internet human.  The last one is a lot more actual and a lot less wannabe.  You may have stumbled across me on YouTube or Twitter.  You definitely didn’t find me on Tumblr because I’m aesthetically challenged. I’m also a *professional* so you can check out my resume and my portfolio as well.

But none of that matters (okay, it kind of matters) because you’re here on my website that I mentioned purchasing with my hard-earned money above.  What will my hard-earned dollars get you?  I’d like to start blogging about the following things for your entertainment:

  • Life as a 20-something millennial
  • The trials and tribulations of online dating
  • Things I try, eat, buy, make, etc.
  • Are you still reading this list? Because I have no clue what I’m actually doing.

When I’m not posting here, I’ll be blabbing away over on my YouTube channel, BratKnee.  Here’s what you can expect there!

As you can see, I’ve got a lot going for me.  I’ve worked up to this moment for 29 years, so hopefully, this will be money well spent.  So please, come along for the ride and watch me and the trainwreck of a human girl that I think I am.  And please feel free to laugh at my expense because it’s funny.  At least my mom thinks I’m funny*!

If you’re looking to work with me, check out my resume here. I also try to keep my portfolio up-to-date on all the projects I’m working on, so take a peek at that too!

*Sometimes.  She sometimes thinks I’m funny.